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Wednesday, July 28th, 2021
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Locos Del Deporte Needs Your Help!

As you may know, it is our mission to help our readers through sharing useful information and tips that may help improve their gambling performances. The topic of gambling is pretty broad and we know that we simply cannot cover all of it.

As such, we would like to express our need for your support. We simply cannot do this without you. Here are some ways that you can contribute to our site:


Information is valuable. First hand information, even more so. Writers are certainly welcome to share their thoughts and opinions regarding gambling. We only require that the information be fresh and accurate. If you have any sort of updates about any form of regulation about gambling or certain games, we would certainly love to learn about it.


The information we have would better serve other if it was available in different dialects. If you are able to translate our articles into different languages, we would be most obliged. We understand that Google Translate exists—however, there are certain facets of language that do not translate appropriately. This website understands that it is ultimately better to have an organic translation of text and ideas.

If You Are Interested In Helping, Reach Out!

Locos Del Deporte prides itself in the community that we hope to all build together. As such, we would highly recommend that any interested parties reach out to us through our contact page. Help up build a stronger community of gamblers who are all for a responsible approach to this hobby.